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Wild Cats

Apartments "Wild Cats" are 10 modern and comfortable Apartments with parking, in a unique location in Lublin, in the Old Town. The Apartments are located on the Misjonarska Street in the heart of the City, between the historic seminary and the historic old malt house. Apartments are an alternative for people who want to enjoy living in the climatic part of Lublin, but appreciate the convenience associated with modern construction.

Three Apartments: "Wild Cat I (four Guests)"; "Wild Cat II (four Guests)" and "Foxy Cat (five Guests)", are located in a new, chamber type, closed, residential complex, which consists of 3 low, three-storied residential buildings. The facade in bright colors gives them a cozy character, and the pitched roof and classic, but stylish solid emphasizes their connection with the Old Town architecture.

Six Apartments: “Angora Cat (four Guests)”, „Bengal Cat (four Guests)”, Jungle Cat (four Guests)”, "Bob Cat (five Guests)”, „Ice Cat (five Guests)”, “Singapura Cat (four Guests)”, are located in another modern residential complex nearby, at a distance of 100 meters from the other Apartments. The complex consists of 2 low apartment buildings. Buildings are a unique example of a modern terrace construction technique, which fits into the architecture of the Old Town.

We also offer a four-bed apartment "Cyprus cat", which is conveniently located on Morwowa Street, in an area situated just 3 kilometers from the Center of Lublin, combining features of business and residential areas. This apartment with a balcony and underground parking is on the second floor of a new contemporary building, near the bus stop and grocery stores.  The apartment is connected to the City center by bus. The apartment is located in the center of the district, so street noise does not penetrate into it.

Smoking policy: smoking is strictly prohibited all over the Apartments, except for open balconies. In the apartment „Ice Cat (five Guests)” there is an absolute ban on smoking, as this apartment does not have a balcony.

Pet’s policy: pets are not allowed.

We provide free parking for guests.

We rent bicycles for an additional fee.


Wild Cat I and Wild Cat II
Angora Cat
Jungle Cat
Bengal Cat
Singapura Cat
Cyprus Cat

Why us?

Apartments "Wild Cats" are 4 modern and comfortable apartments in the immediate vicinity of the city center, in a new, intimate, closed, housing estate (Old Town district).

The Apartments’ brand is the painting of wild cat, carefully created by an artist (see gallery).


Apartments „Wild Cats”

Lublin, Misjonarska street 12 A

Important: As you approach the black metal gate leading to the Settlement, please call at +48 514 500 349 (Viber, WhatsApp), so we could open it and welcome you. You can also get in touch with the Reception from this metal gate using the on-door speakerphone: dial 2-bell-3-bell

For our guests, we offer a free car parking inside the Settlement.